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Passionate Programmer

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About Me

Been a programmer since junior high school. I am a hard-worker multi-talented person, have a good communications skills, interest in technology, active and creative person

Name:Ryan Tando

Age:22 Years

Skype:Ryan Tando


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Ionic 90%
React Native 90%
Android Studio 60%
Node.jS 85%
React Js 80%
Vue Js 75%
Python 60%
PHP 80%
HTML5 90%
Codeigniter 90%
Wordpress 80%
Laravel 80%

Experience & Education


Javascript Software Engineer - Cohomology Labs India 2018 -

I joined Cohomology Labs India as a Javascript Engineer and worked remotely with the team

Solution Architect at Accenture August 2017 - November 2017

After my contract with PT MPI ended, I decided to apply in a consultant company and I found accenture which I became solution architec and tester

IT Programmer Intern at PT MPI Indonesia May 2017 - August 2017

I was an IT intern at manufacture company and I created human resources information system for the company.

Web Developer at President Development Center Nov 2016 - March 2017

Design online course website for President Development Center.



Mobile Nearby Deals App

React Native AC Service

Restaurant Locator Vue.js

Hackernews Simple Reactjs

Point Of Sales - Mobile

Fortnite Stats Tracker

Land Certification System

HR Information System

Student Union Website

Sport Olympiad Website

Seminar Event Website

Fortnite Stats Tracker

Fortnite Stats Tracker is an app to track your fortnite stats and keep update with the latest info/news.

- Stats Tracker for PC/PS4/XBOX
- Item Shop and Upcoming Item Shop in Fortnite
- Latest News Update from Epic Games
- Map to check where the chests, ammo, shopping cart and vending machine
- Leaderboard
- Weapon Stats


All this info were retrieved from another website. There are 2 features in this app which I convert from a html of a website, get the data and show it in the app.

You may try this app
Download the apk here

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Mobile Based Land Certification System


Mobile Based Land Certification System is an app for land owner and admin/officer. This app has completed features.

Land Owner Features:

  1. Sign up
  2. Sign in
  3. Edit profile
  4. Request certificate
  5. Certificate List
  6. User Option
  7. Notification
  8. Change Password
  9. Forgot Password

Admin/Officer Feature:

  1. Sign in
  2. Request and User List
  3. Request and User Update

You may try this app
Download the apk here

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HR Information System

Human Resources Information System is a web application to organize employee's data and training information

This system will help Human Resources Department to keep track all the data

Add Employee


Add Another Data

Some feature in HRIS:

  • Login
  • Change Password
  • Employee Graph
  • Add Employee
  • Employee List
  • Add Training Data
  • Training List

Username: admin Password: admin

You may see the preview here


The preview of the website not include all the features due to the limitation of the server/hosting


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Student Union Website

I joined student union for two years and developed the website of President University Student Union, the website has many features and has good design

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Sport Olympiad Website

This website was created for one of the biggest event in my campus

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Seminar Event Website

This website was created for one of the biggest annual event seminar in my campus which is president youth leadership camp. This website has many features one of it was online form customization, so the people who wanted to join could easily booked by fill the form through the website. This website is mobile friendly and responsive.

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Point Of Sales Mobile

This application is still a prototype so it can't be downloaded now

But there are several feature that will be built to it

Some feature:

  • Authentication (Login, Register)
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Transaction
  • Report
  • Offline Transaction
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Hackernews Simple React.js

This app built in react js and use public hackernews api

Some feature:

  • Search Author
  • Filter
  • Add/Remove Bookmark
  • Count total bookmark
  • Header loading
  • Toast
  • Show rating
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Vue.js Restaurant

This app built in vue js, vuex and vue google maps and Zomato API

Some feature:

  • Search and Filter data with category, radius, cuisines, keyword, etc
  • List of the restaurant with image and clickable button to move the map to the selected restaurant
  • Google maps that will show restaurants marker based on the user's option and map's location
  • The marker of the restaurant will be the restaurant's thumb picture if any
  • Autocomplete search location and move the maps to a certain location based on the user
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React Native Simple AC Service App

This app is just a simple react native UI for the AC service

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Mobile Nearby Deals App (In Progress)

This app built in react native:

Some feature that will be putted:

  • Nearby Deals
  • Deals per place
  • User Favorite Deals
  • Search Deals and Places
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